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Hello everybody

I think you will have noticed that the provider of this blog is having quite a bit of trouble lately. Since I have been talking about moving my blog for some years now, I think the time has come.

I am currently creating the new environment, why not come and stop over? I'm looking forward to seeing you again next week! Have a good weekend!

The new blog address will be:

14.1.12 23:47

Merry Christmas everyone!

So, what would be the coolest present to find under YOUR Christmas tree?

23.12.11 22:10

English online

Are you already beginning to miss our English lessons? Maybe you would like to do some online exercises in the meantime. There are lots of sites, but why not try this one:

There are also excellent explanations regarding tenses.

19.12.11 13:45


Viele englische Idiome, also geflügelte Worte, feststehende Wendungen, kennen wir auch: z.B. as blind as a bat = blind wie eine Fledermaus, like clockwork = wie ein Uhrwerk, like a moth to a flame = wie die Motte ans Licht etc.

Andere sind zwar supergute Ideen, aber bei uns nicht so bekannt: as fit as a fiddle = kerngesund, like bringing a knife to a gunfight = völlig unvorbereitet etc.

Proud as a peacock = stolz wie ein Pfau war auch ein NBC-Werbekampagne:

Noch mehr solcher Redewendungen gibt es unter English Idioms relating to comparison

11.12.11 18:15

Last lesson before Xmas!

Tomorrow is our last lesson before Christmas. For those who need the Download-Link to the AK-Bildungsbonus and the Bildungskonto - click here:


Download Bildungskonto Land OÖ

11.12.11 17:50

Debating Club

The aim of a debating club is to improve your ability to speak and articulate yourself, particularly in front of other people.

Listen to what Benedicte says about how the debate club improved her confidence and articulacy:

5.12.11 11:43

Moviemento Linz

Do you ever feel like going to the movies and watching an English film? in December Jane Eyre will be on at the Moviemento cinema in Linz. Maybe you get a chance to see it?

If you prefer comtemporary history, you might watch American Passages , a film about the American Dream and all the forms it takes.

28.11.11 12:38

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